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NHS & Private


The NHS currently provides treatment for patients who are scored over a certain severity threshold. Not every child will be eligible and funding is restricted so waiting lists can be long.


There are 3 options reflecting the type of orthodontic appliance used and the flexibility of appointment times offered. You can apply for an interest free payment scheme which spreads payments over 12 months.


This is an NHS equivalent service with braces and materials provided similar to that of our NHS patients. Fixed appliances will be made of stainless steel (but may be customised with colours to make them trendier!). Appointments offered will be during school hours.


With this option, tooth-coloured glass braces are available, which are more discreet and much less noticeable. This is a particularly popular option for teenagers who are slightly older when they begin treatment. Appointments offered will be during school hours.


A wider range of appointment times is available, ideal for those families who find it particularly difficult to attend during school hours. The braces used are tooth-coloured, as for the Gold option.

“From being very self-conscious about my teeth and smile I am now over the moon with my lovely straight teeth. The staff were brilliant from consultation all the way through my treatment and aftercare. The difference this has made is unbelievable I cannot recommend this dentist enough”


“Outstanding treatment from the dentist for my teenage daughters. The dentist is fast, gentle, very friendly and reassuring – and absolutely brilliant at what they do. Always a pleasure to take the girls. The member of staff on reception and nurses are super friendly and helpful. Great team, can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Rachel Hudson

“I loved the final outcome and my teeth look amazing! Very quick and the staff are very polite and always tell me what they are doing each time I visit. You do not have to wait very long at all and they usually are on time”


“The resuts so far are amazing and i cannot wait for the final results in the coming months. Treatment was brilliant and all the staff were really nice and ever so helpful, I highly recomend this company”

A Joyner

“Smile solution are great! Don’t know what other dentist could be better… All staff are polite, everyone is well treated there and much more”

Sophie Morris