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Braces for adults – It’s never too late

How many times have you looked in the mirror and wished that you had a better smile?  It’s not just teenagers who can benefit from orthodontics.  Adults with good oral hygiene and who have healthy gums and teeth can undergo orthodontic treatment to correct crooked and protruding teeth, perhaps close gaps or address other problems such as teeth not fitting together correctly.

Since the turn of the century, more and more adults are seeking cosmetic dental work, proving that our smiles are increasingly important for social reasons and to build self-confidence.  Our clients range in age from 8 to 80 and beyond.

We can often help your own dentist achieve their treatment objectives for you too.  Orthodontic treatment can be used to optimise the placement of implants, bridges, crowns or veneers.

We’re often asked if treatment takes longer for adults.  The answer depends on the problem you present with.  Some treatments are quick and simple; others take more time.  Adult bone is a little denser than that of teenagers and so can take a bit longer to adapt to movement.  Be wary of quick fix orthodontics: as in life, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.  These short term systems often cut corners which can affect long term stability of the result.  For more information from an orthodontic consultant about Six Month Smiles have a look at this link; and Fastbraces try this.  An orthodontic specialist is best placed to advise you on this…



Ceramic fixed


“From being very self-conscious about my teeth and smile I am now over the moon with my lovely straight teeth. The staff were brilliant from consultation all the way through my treatment and aftercare. The difference this has made is unbelievable I cannot recommend this dentist enough”


“Outstanding treatment from the dentist for my teenage daughters. The dentist is fast, gentle, very friendly and reassuring – and absolutely brilliant at what they do. Always a pleasure to take the girls. The member of staff on reception and nurses are super friendly and helpful. Great team, can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Rachel Hudson

“I loved the final outcome and my teeth look amazing! Very quick and the staff are very polite and always tell me what they are doing each time I visit. You do not have to wait very long at all and they usually are on time”


“The resuts so far are amazing and i cannot wait for the final results in the coming months. Treatment was brilliant and all the staff were really nice and ever so helpful, I highly recomend this company”

A Joyner

“Smile solution are great! Don’t know what other dentist could be better… All staff are polite, everyone is well treated there and much more”

Sophie Morris