News Post

1 January 2016

Six Month Smiles and Inman Aligners

More adult patients have been enquiring about quick treatments recently, wanting a simple improvement in their smile. This has come about because of the increased awareness of techniques such as Six Month Smiles and Inman Aligners, which claim shorter treatment times. These systems are mostly used by general dentists who have minimal postgraduate training in orthodontic treatment (a day or two, rather than the years it takes to train and register as a specialist orthodontist.) For example, with Six Month Smiles the brace is fabricated elsewhere and the expertise lies with personnel at a remote location, not with the dentist providing care. This makes it harder for the dentist to customise treatment to the needs of the patient as things progress. Six months can quickly turn into twelve or more. Often there are details left untreated and veneers or other dental treatments may be needed to finish things off.

We have always offered several different treatment options for adults, taking into account their wishes and priorities. We can provide tooth-coloured braces, braces hidden on the inside of the teeth, or clear removable aligners. Depending on the patient’s wishes and needs, we can use any of these techniques to carry out a limited treatment to create a better smile in a short time, or a more extensive treatment to achieve improved function and a better bite along with a great smile. Importantly, we have the experience to discuss all the options, rather than having a one size fits all approach. Patients are also often surprised to hear that because we don’t spend a fortune on marketing and because we have the skills to provide treatment efficiently, fees for a short course of treatment with a specialist are often less than the cost of a Six Month Smile provided by a general dentist.