First Few Days & Later Visits


Our receptionist will first of all check that we have all the relevant necessary information about you, which will include asking you to fill in a confidential medical history questionnaire.

One of our orthodontists will then see you along with a dental nurse. We will ask how you feel about you’re the appearance of your teeth and jaws and whether you have any problems with them – your dentist will have outlined anything relevant in their referral letter too. The orthodontist will then examine your face and mouth in detail. If necessary, further records may be taken such as moulds or 3D scans of your teeth, x-rays and photographs.

Once we have the necessary information, the orthodontist will then discuss any treatment that might be appropriate, taking into account what you feel is important too. This appointment usually takes about 20 minutes. Sometimes, if you are not ready for treatment, we arrange to see you again after an appropriate interval.

If the timing is right and you are happy with the proposed treatment plan we will be able to fit the braces within a few weeks, though if you qualify for NHS treatment there may be a considerable wait.


Braces are regularly checked and adjusted by your orthodontist – this is usually every 6 to 8 weeks throughout the treatment. At these appointments we check that your teeth are progressing as expected, that you are keeping your teeth nice and clean and we adjust the braces so that your teeth keep moving!

The wires are changed on fixed braces, which involves removing the elastics, changing the wires and replacing the elastics again.

You may also be given elastics to place on the braces yourself – these move the teeth into the correct positions and ensure that your upper and lower teeth fit together properly. These visits usually take about 10 minutes.

Brace treatment times vary from 12 months to a few years. When your teeth are finally straight and they meet together well then your fixed braces will be removed. Removal is easy and any glue left on your teeth is polished off. We then take moulds or a 3D scan of your teeth to measure you up for retainers which are fitted a few days later.

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