Children’s Braces

Lots of people don’t have perfectly straight teeth and this is not necessarily a problem. Your teeth might be crooked or your upper and lower jaws might not be the same size. Orthodontists are specialist dentists who deal with straightening teeth, correcting the way the teeth and jaws meet.

Today, braces are much less noticeable than they used to be. Fixed“train-track” metal braces are still used but we can also use braces which are the same colour as your teeth, removable braces, such as Invisalign, or even lingual braces which fit on the back surface of your teeth…hidden away where no-one can see them.

Why Use Braces?

Braces can be used to straighten teeth to:

  • improve your appearance, to prevent abnormal wear of your teeth and gums
  • prevent jaw problems occurring
  • allow easier cleaning of your teeth
  • close gaps between your teeth
  • prevent accidental damage happening to your teeth or to help your dentist restore your teeth.

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