Childrens Braces Prices


Our starting-from prices are listed below, please contact us with any questions, or to make an appointment

 Adult  £90
 Parent/Guardian of child at SS5  £65
 Child  £65
 Occasional Visits  £85
 Fixed Retainer Maintenance  £35 per visit
 Upper and Lower, Aesthetic Fixed  £3750
 Upper and Lower, Sheridan/Invisalign  £5300
 Upper and Lower, Lingual  £6900
 Single Arch, Aesthetic Fixed  £2550
 Single Arch, Removable Aligner/Invisalign  £3400
 Single Arch, Lingual  £4000
 Sectional Aesthetic Fixed or 4+ Aligners  £1500
 Quadhelix  £305
 Trans-palatal arch  £235
 Removable Appliance with:A fixed appliance in situ  £280
 A removable appliance in isolation  £585
 Fixed Retainer  £155
 Including removable retainer  £75
 Replacement removable retainer each  £75
 Invizident per aligner  £160
 Upper and Lower, Platinum (out of school hours)  £2340
 Upper and Lower, Gold (aesthetic fixed uppers school hours only)  £2150
 Upper and Lower, Silver (stainless steel school hours only)  From £1,900
 Upper or Lower, Platinum (out of school hours)  £1,600
 Upper or Lower, Gold (aesthetic fixed uppers)  £1,500
 Upper or Lower, Silver (stainless steel)  £1,300
 Sectional (75% at the orthodontist’s discretion)
 Retainers, One arch/two arches  £75/£135
 Upper /Lower removable appliance  £175
 Functional appliance  £510
 Mouth Guards, Standard, 1 colour/2 colours  £65/£75
 Premium, 1 colour/2 colours  £80/£90
 Extractions, Premolars/Incisors  £50 per tooth
 Extractions, Molars  £65 per tooth
 Fraenectomy  £190
 Aesthetic fixed one arch  £1,800
 Aesthetic fixed two arches  £2,650
 Aligner (each)  £155
 Bleach  £265
 Trays if required  £110
 Aligner (each)  £155
 each visit  £40
 Adjusments (15 min appointment)  £90
 Debond (see fees above for retainers if required)  £275
 Retainer visits thereafter, each visit  £35

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